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Passive fire systems are as equally essential as the active fire systems you use in any facility. The reason passive fire systems are needed in any building is to seal all wall openings, electrical room openings, cable tray openings, small or large floor openings, fire hydrant & plumbing shaft openings & other critical areas.


These openings are always potential areas from which fire, smoke & toxic gases would escape & engulf the entire building in no time thus putting the life of people at a great risk. Even though there are active systems in the building they only detect fire, smoke or gases & suppress it. Passive fire systems help contain & compartmentalize fire in potential areas from where it can start, by which the safety of people & property is enhanced from 2 to 4 hrs.

Athu Rooms

Passive fire systems is been extensively used across the globe by all major well known companies & institutions, due to its user friendliness, environmental friendliness & above all durability for a life time of the building. All passive fire systems we provide are all approved by major testing agencies & comply with the building codes.

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